Meditation in the West: Clinical

Scientific studies of meditation can be traced back to the 1930s, with initial research focusing on the effects of meditation […]

Meditation in the West: Mainstream

The practice of meditation (or contemplation) is found in most if not all, major religious traditions. Ancient traditions throughout the […]

What are Meditation ‘Adverse Effects?’

Negative effects related to meditation have been described across a variety of religious traditions, and in Western psychology. Terms such […]

Is ‘Secular’ Meditation Possible?

While meditation has religious roots, the practice has become increasingly secularised, particularly in the past 50 years. While in contemporary […]

‘Adverse Effects’ in Meditation Research

Historically, research into meditation has tended to emphasise beneficial outcomes rather than the processes involved or potential adverse effects. However, […]

‘Buddhist’ Approaches to Meditation

Buddhism refers to a vast and complex religious and philosophical tradition that originated approximately 2500 years ago, and is oriented […]

‘Hindu’ Approaches to Meditation

Defining Hinduism is difficult. As Klaus Klostermaier notes, “The long history, the vastness and the heterogeneity of Hinduism offer enormous […]